Certified Legal Translation

Documents translated, certified, legalized, notarized, apostilled in Moscow, Russia

Moscow Interpreter agency tel +7-495-679-24-30, +7-495-542-04-70
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Certified Legal Translation Solutions in Moscow, Russia

At Moscow Interpreter we have your documents translated and certified so you can present them to authorities. Depending on the country of origin and destination the translated documents are legalized, notarized or apostilled in Moscow, Russia. The documents can be also certified with the agency seal.

The following documents may require certified translation:
Х Abstracts
Х Academic Records
Х Academic Transcripts
Х Adoption Papers
Х Application Letters
Х Army ID Books
Х Birth Certificates
Х Consents
Х Court Papers
Х Customs' Documents
Х Death Certificates
Х Divorce Decrees
Х Driver's Licenses
Х Financial Records
Х Immigration Papers
Х Incorporation Papers
Х Legal Contracts
Х Employment Records
Х Marriage Certificates
Х Medical Records
Х Name Change Certificate
Х Passports
Х Permission Letters
Х Police Records
Х Power of Attorney
Х Real Estate Deeds, Leases
Х Social Security Cards
Х Wills
Moscow Interpreter takes confidentiality and security issues very seriously. All translations remain confidential.

Turn around time for most of the docs is 6-8 hours, a rule of thumb is you bring/email us the document today, next day you get a certified translation that contains a notary public verification of the certifier's signature. Such certification is performed by a qualified licensed notary public of the City of Moscow, Member of Moscow City Notary Chamber, who signs the translation with an official notary seal affixed.

Please contact us for more info or request a free quote on +7-495-679-24-30 Mon-Fri from 9am till 6pm Moscow Time (GMT+3) or at sn(at)542-04-70(dot)ru. When you accept the price weТll send you an invoice and start translation after you send us a scan of your payment order accepted by your bank. Provide us with the required spelling of the names. See us on map here.

documents translated, certified, legalized, notarized, apostilled with the help of a qualified licensed notary public of the City of Moscow
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